Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catrice - Dirty Berry

Recently the Catrice displays throughout Europe have started to be replaced with new products. Most notably for me is there are a ton of new polishes added. I grabbed four of the new ones and today I will show you one of them.

Dirty Berry is a purple with a very blue base that unfortunately is very noticeable in all my photos. In real life it looks slightly more purple. It's packed full of tiny silver glitter that in sun or direct lamp light will sort of look holographic. At best, it's a very, very weak scatter Holo. It applied beautifully and looked great at two coats, but I like to use three for most polishes I wear.

This is very picture heavy since I wanted to show off how gorgeous this looks in different lights! Click any of the pictures and you will be able to see the full size.  First up are all the pictures in the sun.

Here is a picture under lamp light. This is also the best representation of the color.

Here it is in natural light.

And here it is with flash.

Pretty unique color for a drugstore brand! Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Oh, I haven't seen this one before and now I want it!

  2. I like the color very much, but don't like this semi-holo effect it has. I wish they'd either make a real holo or no-holo.

  3. This is so cool. I like that it is semi-holo, I think you could wear it in the office or something and get away with it!

  4. wow, that is gorgeous!!
    It looks holo!

  5. Thanks Ladies!

    @elizabeth You are totally right about it being office safe. It's still dusty enough and not to sparkly to be appropriate.

  6. Wow! I love its "scatter holo" finish.

  7. beautiful! I MUST HAVE!

    LOL ~ sorta'


  8. That's on my WL. I have no holos yet and a subtle one is great to start with imo.

  9. Hello Allison, I'm interested in "Catrice" products after watching those reviews in YOUTUBE. I really really want to try them (cos the packaging reminds me one of my favourite brands - Shu Uemura). I'm sorry to ask if it is possible for you to get some of the palettes and nail polish for me? As I'm living in Japan and Hong Kong (business trip almost every month). I really really appreciate if you could help. Thanks, Linda (ibiza_surfer@hotmail.com)