Monday, March 7, 2011

Pieces - Candy Dandy with Kiko 237

Today I'm going to show you a polish from Pieces called Candy Dandy. I think the Pieces shop I went to in Berlin had just opened because I paid three euros for three polishes and I actually think they retail for more usually. The shop in Zurich sells them for four francs.

Candy Dandy is an orange red creme. It applied a bit gooey and the brush is nothing special. But it dried fast and smooth. I used three coats.

Afterwards, I applied two coats of Kiko 237. Kiko 237 is basically an orange sparkle glitter top coat. It has a sheer orange red base with flecks of gold glitter and you might notice a hot pink fleck glitter in there too. I think it looks pretty spectacular over Candy Dandy.

Pretty, don't you think!? You have to be a fan of orange nail polishes I suppose to really love it.

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