Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OPI - My Private Jet

This polish is full of confusion. Mainly because there are at least four different versions of this polish created by OPI. So finding the version you want can be extremely difficult. The first two versions are a base of charcoal black packed with holo glitter. The newer version is more brown based with silver glitter. A blogger friend of mine Squared Nails just posted on the brown version of My Private Jet.

I have a version that is packed with holo glitter. This version is pretty hard to find and very expensive on ebay. Funny enough, I got this off ebay at the beginning of 2008 with about 5 other OPI's for around $25. So I never had to give into higher prices.

Pretty stunning isn't it! Directly in the sunlight, it's like a rainbow over black. My bottle has a very thin formula and I need four coats. As you can maybe notice it's still patchy. Most noticeably on my ring finger. In the future, I will coat this over black but I wanted to show the true colors for the blog post.

Next few pictures were taken on day two of my manicure. Unfortunately, I had a lot of tip wear at this point. Mainly because the top coat I use is old and anything past one day will have problems. But I'm still using it since for the most part I don't even keep a manicure on for more that one day.

In the house or in the shade my version basically just looks like a charcoal black with silver glitter. So not very fancy unless it's in sunlight.

Which version of My Private Jet are you lucky or unlucky to own?

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