Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cult Nails - Living Water

I've talked about polishes from Cult Nails before. It's a new polish company created by Maria the blogger of R3 Daily. I was really impressed with the first color My Kind of Cool Aid and now that I have the rest of the collection I'm even more impressed!

Living Water is a deep teal blue jelly with bits of emerald and icy blue glitter. Very pretty and unique. I had to use three coats. This could easily be two coats, but I was using a Sally Hansen treatment as a base coat and those make for a patchy first coat. Otherwise application was great and the brush is really nice.
It dries a bit gritty which is normal for a glitter polish.

I used Orly Sec N Dry as my top coat, but I noticed that the next day that the finish was sort of gritty again. I think it was a top coat issue Sec N Dry is a fast dry and not meant for a really shiny finish. So keep that in mind when using. Sadly, I was out and about trying to catch sunlight for the pictures before I noticed that I needed to put more top coat on it.

Direct Sun
This is my favorite picture of my manicure.

Cult Nails polishes retail for $10 and shipping is reasonable. I messed around on the checkout to see shipping prices and for the US 1 polish to ship is $3 and 2-4 polishes were $5. For Europe shipping for 1 polish is $6 and 2-4 polishes are $8. The shipping prices make me happy since companies often overcharge you for shipping.

Maria has expressed that Cult Nails will have a few promos every once in awhile so if you would like to keep up to date with that you should sign up for Cult Nails email updates on the website's front page or keep up with Cult Nails' twitter.

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