Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've Been A Bad Girl

For a few reasons. I kind of been neglecting the blog a bit. One month vacation in the US followed  by a two week vacation in Germany kind of slowed things down. I've been back home for about two days now but I'm still battling a cold and my one ear still hasn't popped from the flight. Ugh... I ran out of things to try and I think I just need to let it resolve on it's own. But it's making me nervous that I will have to go to the doctor. 

The main reason why I'm a bad girl? The amount of polish I have acquired in the last two weeks. Going to Berlin meant I had access to Kiko! I also was able to get some more P2 and a few other brands. Along with polish waiting in the mailbox. Then on my first day back in Zurich the essence and Catrice display both had clearance items.

First up the Kiko!

241, 255, 247, 267, 237, 232
Followed by P2
Divine, Stormy, Artful
Then essence...
Green Grass, I'm A Berliner, Berlin Story

Pieces! Zurich has a Pieces store, but I haven't seen the polish there either. But going to check again this week.
Plum Gum, Soul Petrol, Candy Dandy

110D & 78T

Rival de Loop is a company I'm not really familiar with but the gold shimmer in these really drew me in.
51 & 50
Cult Nails order was waiting for me in the mail box the night we got home! I'm so pleased with these polishes. Plus Maria and Juan were really helpful when I needed to change the shipping address. Cult Nails ships internationally and I recommend that you check out the website.

Quench, Living Water, Iconic
These are the polish I picked up on Clearance. They are all being discontinued so check out your displays before they are gone!

Don't Feed The Birds & Big Spender Wanted
Louise, Clyde, Glisten Up!
Told you I was naughty!

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